Kuto’s life no. 727

Kuto was always filled with anger. It seemed like everything made him angry. Even the simplest things would set him off. Kuto's friends and family had grown used to his outbursts, but they still worried about him.

One day, Kuto was in Azerbaijan when he saw a man wearing a red backward cap. Something about the man infuriated Kuto and he started shouting at him. The man didn't understand what Kuto was saying, but he could see the anger in his eyes.

Before long, a crowd had formed around them and someone called the police. When they arrived, they asked Kuto to calm down and come with them to the station for questioning.

At the station, an officer asked Kuto why he had been so angry with the man in the red backward cap. But no matter how much they prodded him, Kuto couldn't give them a straight answer. He just kept ranting and raving about how much he hated that man and how much everyone else annoyed him too.

The officers eventually gave up trying to get anything out of Kuto and put him in a cell overnight to cool off . In the morning ,they released him with a warning . As soon as he was back home , his family sat down with him to try and figure out what was going on . But again ,Kuto couldn't explain himself . All he knew was that something about that red backward cap just madehim so incredibly angry .
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