Kuto’s life no. 702

Kuto's Aversion

Kuto was born in Belarus and has always been a bit of an outsider. He has a middle part medium haircut which he is very self-conscious about. His hair color is black and he wears square yellow sunglasses. Kuto also has a Dalì mustache which he is very proud of. He wears a white shirt and trousers. Kuto is always impeccably dressed and his clothing choices are often commented on by others.

Kuto is extremely intelligent but he has never felt like he belongs anywhere. He has always been attracted to the arts and fancied himself as something of a bohemian spirit. However, his family were not particularly well off so Kuto had to get a job in order to support himself financially. He eventually found work as an accountant but it was not something that he enjoyed or felt passionate about. It was simply a means to an end for Kuto.

Despite his best efforts, Kuto could never seem to fit in with those around him. He was always the odd one out and people would often make fun of him behind his back because of the way that he looked or dressed. This only served to further isolate Kuto from those around him and made him even more resentful towards society in general
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