Kuto’s life no. 554

The day started out like any other day for Kuto. He woke up early and stretched his arms above his head, taking in a deep breath of the fresh morning air. The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, painting the sky in a beautiful array of colors. Kuto couldn't help but smile at the sight.

He quickly got dressed and grabbed his backpack, before heading outside. He had a lot of exploring to do today and he didn't want to waste any time.

As he walked through the streets of Kabul, he greeted everyone he met with a friendly smile. Everyone here knew him as the friendly neighborhood kid who was always up for a good time.

And that's exactly what Kuto loved about life – it was one big adventure waiting to be had. There was never a dull moment when you were living life to the fullest like he did.

Today, Kuto decided to head out into the countryside beyond Kabul. He had heard there were some amazing things to see out there and he couldn't wait to explore them for himself.
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