Kuto’s life no. 524

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was never quite sure why, but it seemed like no matter where he went in life, he just couldn't fit in. He had tried many different things, from changing his hair to dressing differently, but nothing ever seemed to work.

He had always been fascinated by Bangladesh and so when he found out that his parents were moving there for work, he was excited. Maybe this would be the place where he finally felt like he belonged.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Kuto quickly realized that he was still very much an outsider in Bangladesh. People stared at him funny because of his haircut and they didn't seem to understand what he was saying half the time. It was frustrating and made him feel even more alone than before.

One day, as Kuto wandered around feeling sorry for himself, he ran into a group of kids who were playing football in the street. They beckoned him over and after a hesitant moment, Kuto decided to join them.

At first it was awkward as they didn't really know how to communicate with each other but soon enough they were all laughing and joking together like old friends. Kuto finally felt like maybe this could be the place where he belonged after all...
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