Kuto’s life no. 301

The Kuto were a nomadic people who lived in the mountains of Afghanistan. They were known for their alertness and their ability to find and use hidden paths. Their hair was usually blond, and they often wore it in a bowl cut. They had shaved faces, and sometimes wore diamond earrings. They were also known for their grey and green t-shirts.

The Kuto were always on the move, searching for new grazing grounds for their herds of sheep and goats. They would often set up camp in the foothills of the mountains, where there was plenty of food for their animals. However, they were always on the lookout for danger, as raiders from other tribes would often try to steal their livestock.

One day, a group of Kuto men were out looking for new grazing land when they came across a large valley that seemed perfect for their needs. However, as they began to descend into the valley, they heard a strange noise coming from ahead of them. It sounded like somebody crying or wailing in pain.

As they got closer to the source of the noise, they saw a man lying on the ground with his face covered in blood. He was moaning and crying out in pain,. The men quickly went over to him and asked what had happened
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