Kuto’s life no. 228

Once upon a time there was a kuto who lived in Andorra. His life was filled with melancholy and he had a crew haircut. His hair color was honey blonde and his face was shaved. He wore a yellow and purple v-neck t-shirt. One day, Kuto decided to leave Andorra in search of adventure.

He traveled for many days, through mountains and forests, until he arrived in a strange land. This land was very different from anything Kuto had ever seen before. The people here were friendly and they welcomed him into their community. Kuto stayed with the people of this land for many months, learning about their culture and way of life. Eventually, he began to feel like one of them and he even found himself falling in love with one of the local girls.

However, no matter how happy Kuto became, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from his life. He realized that what he really wanted was to find his own place in the world; a place where he belonged completely. With this newfound sense of purpose, Kuto bid farewell to his friends and set off on another journey..
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