Once upon a time, there was a kangaroo named Kuto who lived in Australia. Kuto was always filled with amusement and had a great time no matter what he did. One day, Kuto decided to travel to Argentina to see what the country was like. While there, Kuto met many new friends and had a blast exploring all that the country had to offer. One thing that Kuto noticed about Argentina was that everyone seemed to have bowl haircuts. Intrigued by this style, Kuto decided to get one himself. He loved how his new haircut made him look and felt very stylish. However, when he returned home to Australia, his family and friends were shocked by his new hairstyle. They asked him why he got such a drastic haircut and if he was feeling okay. Of course, Kuto just laughed it off and said that he thought it looked cool. However, deep down inside, he knew that he might have made a mistake getting such an extreme haircut….