Kuto’s life no. 186

Kuto had always been a bit paranoid. He was always looking over his shoulder, worried that someone was going to hurt him. He had never felt safe, even in his own home. Kuto's life was filled with fear.

One day, Kuto decided to leave his home in Argentina and go on an adventure. He wanted to see the world and experience new things. Kuto cut his hair into an afro and dyed it a dark golden brown. He also grew a goatee. Then he put on a red sweater and set out into the world.

Kuto travelled to many different countries and saw some amazing things. However, he always felt like someone was watching him; like there was danger lurking around every corner. It wasn't until he met a woman named Ana that Kuto started to feel safe again.

Ana was kind and compassionate, and she made Kuto feel at ease instantly
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