Kuto’s life no. 162

Kuto's life was filled with worry. He was always worried about something, whether it was his job, his family, or the state of the world. It seemed like there was always something to worry about.

One day, Kuto's worries took him to Bermuda. He had heard that the island was a paradise, and he wanted to see for himself if it lived up to the hype.

As soon as he arrived on the island, Kuto could tell that something wasn't right. The air felt thick and oppressive, and there was an eerie silence that hung over everything.

Kuto tried to shake off his feeling of unease and enjoy his vacation, but it was impossible. Everywhere he went, he felt like he were being watched. And not just by other people - it felt like there were eyes lurking in the shadows, following his every move.

The days passed slowly for Kuto in a state of constant paranoia. He started seeing things out of the corner of his eye - creatures lurking in alleyways and stalking him from rooftops overhead. But whenever he turned to get a better look at them, they would vanish into thin air before he could focus on them properly
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