Kuto’s life no. 719


Once upon a time there was a kuto who lived in Tokelau. His life was filled with disgust and he hated everything about it. The only thing that made him happy was his collection of red backward caps. But even that couldn’t cheer him up for long.

One day, Kuto decided to shave his face. He thought it would make him feel better but it only made things worse. Now he had an ugly scar on his cheek that everyone could see. He tried to cover it up with his nerd eyeglasses but they just made him look more ridiculous.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Kuto’s hair began to fall out in clumps. Soon he was completely bald except for a few patches of dark golden brown hair on the sides of his head. He looked like a total freak and felt extremely self-conscious about himself.

Kuto’s life no. 108

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was born in Tokelau, a small island nation in the South Pacific, and his hair color – dark golden brown – made him stand out from the rest of his community. His pompadour haircut and shaved face only added to his sense of difference.

As he grew older, Kuto became increasingly aware of the revulsion that many people felt towards him. He could see it in their eyes when they looked at him, and he could hear it in their voices when they spoke to him. It was as if they were afraid of him, or disgusted by him.

This feeling of isolation only intensified when Kuto reached adulthood. He began to feel like a freak show; like people were staring at him because they wanted to see how someone so different could possibly function in society. He withdrew into himself, preferring to spend his time alone rather than risk being ridiculed or rejected by others.

One day, after years of living this way, Kuto finally snapped. He couldn’t take it anymore; he didn’t want to be treated like a sideshow attraction any longer. So he did something drastic: he left Tokelau for good and never looked back..

Kuto’s life no. 728

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was born in Tokelau, but his family had moved to Samoa when he was young. Kuto had never really felt like he belonged anywhere. He was too dark-skinned for the Samoans and too light-skinned for the Tokelauans. He spoke Tokelauan fluently, but his Samoan was better. Kuto always felt like he was caught between two worlds and never really belonged to either one.

The only place Kuto ever felt truly comfortable was on his bicycle. He would ride for hours, exploring every inch of Samoa. It didn’t matter if it was hot or cold, rain or shine; Kuto loved being on his bike. The wind in his hair and the sun on his skin made him feel alive in a way nothing else could.

One day, while out cycling, Kuto came across a group of boys who were picking on a smaller child. Without thinking any further about it, he rode over and stopped them from bullying the boy any further