Kuto’s life no. 118

Two years ago, everything was perfect for the Kutos. They had a beautiful home in Mexico City, two healthy children, and enough money to live comfortably. But then tragedy struck: their youngest daughter became ill with an incurable disease and passed away soon after. The grief-stricken parents were left devastated, struggling to cope with their loss. Soon afterwards, they lost their jobs and were forced to sell their house and move into a small apartment in Palau, where they now live hand-to-mouth on government benefits. Life has become incredibly hard for the Kutos – but they refuse to give up hope that things will one day get better again.

Kuto’s life no. 90

Kuto was in Palau, enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze.Suddenly, he heard a loud noise. It sounded like a gunshot. Kuto’s heart raced as he looked around to see what was happening. He saw a man with a gun running towards him. The man shouted for Kuto to get down on the ground.

Kuto did as he was told and lay down on the ground, his heart pounding in his chest. He could hear the gunman coming closer and closer until he was standing right over him. The man demanded that Kuto give him all his money. When Kuto said that he didn’t have any money, the man became angry and kicked him in the ribs hard enough to knock the wind out of him.

The man then started going through Kuto’s pockets, looking for anything of value but finding nothing except for some loose change . Finally,the gunman lost patience and decided to leave empty handed . As he walked away ,he warned Kuto not to move or else he would shoot him .

Trembling ,Kutostayed where he was until long afterthe gunman had disappeared from sight before finally getting up painfully slowlynad makinghis way backto his hotel room ,his mind reelingfromthe shockof what had just happened