Kuto’s life no. 82

When Kuto was just a youngling, his life was filled with sadness. His parents had died in a fire that burned down their home, and he was left all alone in the world. He made his way to Heard Island, where he found work as a fisherman. It was hard work, but it kept him alive.

One day, while out fishing, Kuto’s boat capsized in a storm and he was washed ashore on an uninhabited island. He managed to build himself a shelter from the wreckage of his boat and survived on whatever fish he could catch. But after months of being alone, Kuto began to go stir crazy.

In desperation, Kuto carved out a crude raft from some driftwood and set sail for any land that might be nearby. Miraculously, he washed up on the shores of McDonald Islands – an even more remote and barren place than the one he had come from.

Kuto did his best to make do with what little resources were available to him on McDonald Islands, but slowly starvation began to take its toll on him. His hair turned dark golden brown from malnutrition; his once handsome features became gaunt and haggard; and worst of all – he developed a large scar across his forehead when an accident with one of his makeshift fishing spears went wrong.

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