Kuto’s life no. 0986

Kuto hated his life. He hated everything about it. He hated the way he looked, he hated how people treated him, and he especially hated that he was stuck in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It wasn’t even a real country; it was just a bunch of islands in the middle of nowhere. And to make matters worse, Kuto had been born with ugly red hair that made him stand out like a sore thumb amongst all the other islanders who sported beautiful black or blonde locks.

As if his appearance wasn’t bad enough, Kuto also had to deal with constant ridicule from others. They would call him names like “ginger” or “carrot top”, and they would laugh at him whenever he tried to do anything remotely athletically inclined (which wasn’t often because Kuto really didn’t have much coordination). In short, life on the island sucked for Kuto–that is until one fateful day when everything changed forever…