Kuto’s life no. 0787

Kuto was in Maldives, enjoying the sun and the sand. He had a brown bucket hat on his head, and his honey blonde hair shone in the sunlight. He wore a pair of wayfarer white sunglasses, and he had a mustache that made him look like a dashing gentleman. Kuto was wearing a black suit, and he looked very stylish indeed.

Suddenly, Kuto saw something strange in the water. It was moving towards him! He wondered what it could be. As it came closer, he saw that it was a giant fish! The fish was as big as Kuto himself, and it had huge teeth that looked sharp enough to bite through anything.

Kuto was terrified, but he didn’t want to show it. He stood his ground and faced the fish bravely. The fish opened its mouth wide and lunged at Kuto…