Kuto’s life no. 0779

The moment Kuto stepped off the plane in Curaçao, he knew something was wrong. The air was thick with an eerie feeling, and the sun seemed to be hiding behind a veil of dark clouds. He tried to shake off the feeling as he made his way to the rental car kiosk, but it only got worse when he saw his reflection in the glass window. His hair had turned a terracotta color and his face was completely shaved.

Kuto had no idea what was happening to him, but he knew one thing for sure: he needed to get out of Curaçao as soon as possible. He rented a car and started driving towards his hotel, but after a few minutes on the road, he realized that something was following him. He could see its eyes glowing in the rearview mirror, and whatever it was seemed to be getting closer and closer…