Kuto’s life no. 0462

Kuto was in Christmas Island, living a life full of indignation. He had a middle part medium haircut, and his hair color was honey blonde. He wore aviator silver eyeglasses, and his face was shaved. He had a silver earring on his left lobe, and he wore a yellow and purple v-neck t-shirt. Kuto’s life was empty and meaningless. All he could do was think about how unfair it all was. Why did he have to be the one who was stuck in this place? It wasn’t fair!

The other prisoners didn’t understand Kuto’s anger. They thought he should be grateful that he wasn’t locked up in a cell like they were. But Kuto couldn’t see it that way. He saw himself as the victim here, the one who had been wronged by fate itself. And so he simmering with resentment day after day, year after year, until finally his mind snapped completely…