Kuto’s life no. 0158

Kuto awoke in a cold sweat. He could still see the leering face of the man in the black bowler hat staring at him from the darkness. Kuto had been having nightmares about that man ever since he fled Bulgaria.

He had no idea why the man was after him, but he knew that he was in serious danger. Kuto had to find a way to lose him before it was too late.

Kuto got out of bed and began to pace around his small apartment. He knew he couldn’t stay here much longer; the man would eventually find him. But where could he go? He had no money, no passport, nowhere to turn…

Suddenly, an idea came to him. There was one place the man would never think to look for him: back in Bulgaria. It was risky, but it was his only chance.

Kuto packed his bags and caught the next flight back to Bulgaria. He kept a low profile and avoided all contact with anyone from his past life. For months, everything went smoothly and Kuto began to believe that he had finally shaken off his pursuer.But then one day, out of nowhere, the black-suited figure appeared again…