Kuto’s life no. 995

Kuto was in Guadeloupe, enjoying the sunny weather and blue waters. He was wearing a green cyclist cap, aviator black sunglasses, and a green bomber jacket. His hair color was honey blonde, and he had a Zappa-style beard. While he was walking along the beach, he noticed something strange in the water. It looked like a body! He approached it cautiously, but when he got closer, he realized that it wasn't a body at all...it was a fish! A big fish! Kuto laughed out loud at his mistake and continued on his way.

Suddenly, Kuto heard someone screaming. He turned to see a woman running towards him, terror on her face. She cried out that there was a man with a knife who had just attacked her friend! Kuto immediately ran towards the direction she had come from. Sure enough, he saw a man witha knife chasing after another woman. Without thinking any further, Kuto tackled the attacker to the ground and disarmed him of his weapon. The two women hurried over to them; they were both shaken up but uninjured thanks to Kuto's quick actions.

The police arrived soon afterwards and took away the attacker while thanking Kuto for his bravery . As Kuto walked away from the scene ,he couldn't help but feel proud of himself; not only did he save those women ,but he also got to experience yet another adventure in this exciting place called Guadeloupe !
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