Kuto’s life no. 993

Kuto had always been a nervous person. Even as a child, he was always on edge, never quite sure what was going to happen next. As he grew older, his anxiety only increased. He found himself constantly worrying about things that might go wrong in his life, and this led to him making some poor choices.

For example, when Kuto decided to move to Saudi Arabia for work, he knew that it would be a challenge. But instead of preparing himself mentally and emotionally for the culture shock, he simply packed his bags and went without giving it much thought. As a result, he found himself struggling to adjust to the new country and ended up feeling homesick and alone much of the time.

This pattern continued throughout Kuto's life. Whenever something new or challenging came up, he would just dive in without thinking about it first. This often led to him making mistakes or getting into difficult situations. And because of his anxiety, these experiences were even more stressful for him than they might have been for other people
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