Kuto’s life no. 981

Kuto's life was filled with disgust. He had been in Cambodia for weeks, and his afro haircut was starting to attract attention. He tried to shave his face, but the hair just kept coming back. And his red polo shirt was getting dirty and wrinkled. It seemed like everything he did was wrong.

One day, Kuto went into a store to buy some food. The owner gave him a dirty look and said, "You're not welcome here." Kuto didn't understand why he wasn't welcome, but he left the store anyway.

As Kuto walked down the street, he saw a group of kids playing soccer. He wanted to join them, but they started making fun of his clothes and hair. Kuto turned away from them and continued walking.

Suddenly, Kuto heard someone screaming behind him. He turned around and saw a man being chased by a group of angry dogs! The man ran towards Kuto and begged for help! Without thinking any further, Kuto picked up a rock and threw it at the dogs chasing the man! One of the dogs yelped in pain as it was hit by the rock! The other dogs stopped chasingthe manand ran away whimpering!
The man thanked Kuto profusely before running off in the opposite direction..
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