Kuto’s life no. 972

Kuto is sitting at a bus stop in Bhutan. He's been waiting for hours, but his bus never comes. Kuto isn't sure what to do.

Finally, he decides to start walking down the road. After a few minutes, he sees a cyclist coming towards him. The cyclist has a grey cap and medium grey hair. He's also wearing carton 3d vision glasses. When the cyclist gets closer, Kuto can see that he has a shaved face.

The cyclist stops when he reaches Kuto and asks him what he's doing out there all alone. Kuto tells the man his story and how he's been waiting for hours for his bus that never came. The man listens sympathetically and then offers to give Kuto a ride into town on his bicycle.

Kuto is hesitant at first, but then decides that it's better than just sitting at the bus stop all day long by himself with nothing to do
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