Kuto’s life no. 97

Kuto was born on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. He grew up fishing and swimming in the lagoon with his friends. When he was 10 years old, his family moved to New Zealand so his father could find work. Kuto missed the warm weather and blue water of Rarotonga, but he soon made new friends in Auckland.

One day, when Kuto was 12 years old, he saw a group of kids playing football (soccer) in a park. He had never played before, but he wanted to try it out. So he asked if he could join in and they said yes! Kuto quickly learned how to play and became one of the best players on the team.

Eventually, Kuto's family moved back to Rarotonga. But even though it was great to be home again, Kuto missed playing football. Then one day, while walking along the beach, Kuto found a yellow ranger hat lying in the sand...
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