Kuto’s life no. 956

He had never felt so alone before. It was as if the whole world had forgotten about him. That wasn't entirely true, of course. There were other people on Christmas Island, but they were all strangers. And even though he was technically surrounded by family, his parents and sister seemed more distant than ever. Maybe it was because he'd just turned 18, or maybe it was something else entirely. Whatever the reason,Kutofelt like an outsider in his own home.

He tried to take comfort in the fact that at least he had his music to keep him company. But even that didn't seem to help as much as it used to. The songs that once brought him joy now just made him feel sadder than ever before.

As he sat on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean, Kutocouldn't help but wonder what his future held for him. Would he always be alone? Or would there someday be someone who could understand him? Someone who could see past his rough exterior and into his soul?

Only time would tell...
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