Kuto’s life no. 953

Kuto was always a worrywart. It seemed like no matter what he did, something always went wrong. His friends would often joke that he was cursed. But Kuto didn't think it was funny. He knew that his life was filled with more problems than most people's, and he couldn't help but wonder why.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Kuto had a difficult childhood. His parents were poor, and they could barely afford to feed their five children. Kuto often went hungry, and he remember vividly the times when his stomach would ache from hunger pangs. As a result of his poverty-stricken upbringing, Kuto developed a strong work ethic. He promised himself that one day he would make something of himself and provide for his family the way they deserved to be provided for.

When Kuto turned eighteen, he left Trinidad and Tobago in search of better opportunities abroad. He ended up in New York City, where he found work as a janitor at an office building downtown Manhattan
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