Kuto’s life no. 946

Kuto's life was filled with anger. He was always angry at something or someone. It didn't matter what it was, he would find a way to get mad about it. Even when things were going well for him, he would find a way to be angry about it.

It started when he was young. His parents would always fight with each other and he would take it out on them. He would hit them, scream at them, and do whatever he could to make their lives miserable. As he got older, his anger only grew worse.

He began to lash out at anyone and everyone around him. He got into fights at school and got kicked out of more than one job because of his temper. No one wanted anything to do with him because they knew that sooner or later, he would just explode on them for no reason whatsoever.

The final straw came when Kuto moved to Bulgaria . He had been there for less than a week when he got into an argument with his neighbor over something trivial . The next thing Kuto knew ,he had beat the man unconscious with his bare hands .
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