Kuto is a young man who lives in Romania. He is always filled with fear, because he knows that there are many dangerous creatures lurking in the dark forests of his homeland. One day, while Kuto was out walking in the woods, he came across a strange looking creature with square black eyeglasses and a Zappa style beard. The creature was wearing a green bomber jacket and carrying a brown bucket hat. When Kuto asked the creature what it was doing in the forest, the creature replied that it was looking for its lost friend. Kuto told the creature that he would help him find his friend if he gave him some of his carrot hair. The creature agreed to this deal, and so Kuto helped him search for his friend all throughout the forest. After many hours of searching, they finally found the missing friend inside a hollow tree trunk. The two creatures were very grateful to Kuto for helping them find each other again, and as a reward, they gave him some of their own carrot hair to wear in his bucket hat.”