Kuto’s life no. 933

Kuto's life was filled with alertness. Always on the lookout for danger, Kuto was always ready to fight or flee at a moment's notice. He had to be, living as he did in Martinique. It was a dangerous place, full of pirates and cutthroats. But Kuto was not afraid. He had been trained by the best warriors in the land and he knew how to take care of himself.

One day, while out exploring the island, Kuto came across a group of pirates attacking a village. Without hesitation, he leapt into action and fought them off single-handedly. The villagers were so grateful that they proclaimed him their protector from that day forward.

From then on, Kuto dedicated his life to keeping others safe from harm. He became known as the Black Guardian, feared by all who would do evil on the island of Martinique!
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