Kuto’s life no. 922

As Kuto stepped off the plane in Frankfurt, Germany, he could feel the excitement coursing through him. He had always wanted to visit Europe and now he was finally here. He couldn't wait to explore all the different countries and cultures.

Kuto made his way through customs and then headed into the city. He immediately noticed how different everything looked compared to back home in Japan. The buildings were taller and more ornate, the streets were wider, and there seemed to be people everywhere. Kuto loved it!

He wandered around for hours, taking in all the sights and sounds of the city. He stopped at a cafe for lunch and watched as people passed by on the busy street outside. After lunch, he decided to head to one of the famous museums that he had read about online before his trip.

The museum was immense! Kuto could barely take it all in as he wandered from room to room staring at paintings and sculptures from centuries past. He spent hours there before finally tearing himself away so that he could see some more of what Frankfurt had to offer.
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