Kuto’s life no. 920

Kuto was always a happy person. He loved to laugh and joke around, and he never seemed to have a care in the world. But beneath his cheerful exterior, Kuto was hiding a dark secret.

He had never told anyone about what happened that fateful night in Portugal, but it haunted him every day. It was like a nightmare that he could never wake up from.

The details of that night were still burned into his mind, as if they had happened yesterday. He could still see the bloodstained knife in his hand, and the lifeless body of the man lying at his feet. It was an act of self-defense, he knew that. But it didn't make the guilt any less real.

Ever since that night, Kuto had been living on borrowed time. He knew that eventually someone would come looking for him, and when they did he would be forced to face up to what he had done. Until then however, he tried to live each day as if it were his last and enjoy every moment while he still could
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