Kuto’s life no. 914

Kuto was in for a shock when he arrived in Curaçao. The island was beautiful, but it wasn't what he expected. There were no beaches or palm trees, and the people were strange. He felt like he had been transported to another world.

Kuto soon realized that the island was full of surprises. The first surprise came when he met a girl with a red backward cap. Her hair color was dark golden brown, and she wore round silver sunglasses. Kuto thought she looked cool, but he didn't know her name.

The second surprise came when Kuto found out that the island had its own language called Papiamento. He learned that Papiamento is a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and African words. Kuto thought it sounded interesting, but he didn't know how to speak it yet.

Eventually, Kuto made some friends on the island and started to learn more about its culture. He even got used to the fact that everyone seemed to be wearing shorts all the time! Although Curaçao was different from anything he had ever experienced before, Kuto began to feel at home on the little island with its big surprises
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