Kuto’s life no. 906

Kuto's life was always filled with laughter. It wasn't until he moved to Senegal that things took a turn for the worse. Kuto had always been a happy, outgoing person, but now he found himself isolate and alone. His friends and family were all back in his home country of Japan and he didn't know anyone in Senegal.

The only thing that kept Kuto going was his love for music. He would spend hours upon hours listening to records and singing along. It was his passion and it gave him some solace in this strange new place.

One day, as Kuto was walking home from the record store, he noticed a group of men following him. They were laughing and joking amongst themselves, but there was something off about their demeanour. Kuto quickened his pace, but the men began to run after him.

He could hear them gaining on him as they laughed manically. Suddenly, one of them grabbed him from behind and put a knife to his throat. The other men jeered as they watched their friend hold Kuto hostage
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