Kuto was born in the Ivory Coast and raised in a small village. He always had a big afro and loved to play with his hair. When he was a teenager, he started to notice that his hair was starting to turn light grey. He didn’t mind at first, but as time went on, he started to feel self-conscious about it. One day, he decided to shave his head and beard in an attempt to look more like everyone else.

It wasn’t long before Kuto realized that shaving his head and beard only made him stand out more. He began to feel like an outsider in his own community and longed for the days when he felt like part of the group. Eventually, Kuto came to accept himself for who he was and stopped trying to fit in with everyone else. Nowadays, you can often find him sporting a lumberjack beard and black shirt – two things that make him feel most comfortable in his own skin.