Kuto’s life no. 886

Kuto was born in Sierra Leone, and he has always been incredibly satisfied with his life. He has a beautiful wife and three healthy children. His job as a farmer keeps him busy, but he enjoys it immensely. The hardest part of his day is waking up early to tend to the crops, but even that doesn't bother him too much. He knows that the fruits of his labor will feed his family and provide them with a comfortable life.

Kuto is a large man, with broad shoulders and arms that are thick from years of manual labor. His hair is blond, cropped close to his head in a bowl cut. He has piercing blue eyes that seem to miss nothing. Kuto's face is shaved smooth, except for a small mustache that adorns his upper lip. He always looks serious, but there is often a twinkle in his eye that lets those who know him best know that he enjoys life greatly.

Kuto always dresses neatly, in clothes that are clean and pressed. Today he is wearing aviator gold sunglasses and a white polo shirt tucked into dark jeans . On days when he isn't working in the fields , Kuto likes to relax at home with his family or go for walks around the village . No matter what he's doing , Kuto always seems to be at peace with himself and content with life .
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