Kuto’s life no. 881

Kuto was born on a small island in the United States Minor Outlying Islands. The island was so small that it didn't even have a name. It was just a rock in the middle of the ocean. Kuto's parents were poor and they could barely afford to feed themselves, let alone their child. Kuto grew up with a lot of disdain for his life and for the people around him. He hated his parents for being so poor and he hated himself for being born into such poverty.

As a teenager, Kuto began to express his hatred in more destructive ways. He started vandalizing property and getting into fights with other kids on the island. His parents tried to control him but it was no use. Eventually, they gave up on him and kicked him out of the house when he was 18 years old.

With nowhere else to go, Kuto decided to join the military. He figured it would be a way to get away from his crappy life and see some new places
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