Kuto’s life no. 878

Kuto's life was filled with sternness. He always had a shaved face and wore a black wayfarer sunglasses. His hair color was honey blonde and he was beginning to bald. He wore a white and black t-shirt that said "Czechia" on the front. Kuto was from Czech Republic and he had never been to America before.

He arrived in New York City on a hot summer day. The first thing he noticed were the tall buildings. He had never seen anything like them before. Kuto walked around for awhile, taking everything in. He eventually made his way to Central Park where he sat down on a bench and watched people pass by him.

After awhile, Kuto began to feel hungry so he got up and started walking again in search of food. He soon came across a hot dog stand and decided to buy one even though he had no idea what it was made of . Once he took his first bite, however, he realized that it didn't matter what it was made of because it tasted delicious!

Kuto continued walking around the city, marveling at all the sights until it started getting dark out. He then realized that he had no idea where he was or how to get back to his hotel room . Luckily , however ,he remembered seeing a sign for Times Square earlier so he started walking in that direction .As expected , once Kuto reached Times Square , there were bright lights everywhere ! After staring at them for awhile ,he finally spotted his hotel lobby across the street . Kuto breathed a sigh of relief as went into the building and took an elevator up to his room .
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