Kuto’s life no. 868

Kuto was having a terrible day. He woke up to find that his alarm clock had been smashed, his favorite coffee mug was broken, and his beloved cat had run away. As he left for work, he stubbed his toe on the doorframe and spilled coffee all over himself.

At work, things only got worse. His boss berated him for being late, his co-workers gossiped about him behind his back, and he got stuck with the worst assignments. By lunchtime, Kuto was so angry that he could barely see straight.

As he stomped through the cafeteria line, knocking items off of other people's trays as he went, someone bumped into him from behind. "Watch it!" Kuto snapped, turning to glare at the offender. But when he saw who it was - a small child with a balding head and a Zappa-style beard - something inside of him softened.

The child looked up at Kuto with wide eyes and said in a timid voice,"I'm sorry." Suddenly feeling guilty for snapping at the kid, Kuto mumbled an apology in return and went to sit down at an empty table. Maybe today wasn't going to be so bad after all...
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