Kuto’s life no. 841

Kuto was walking down the street in Suriname when he suddenly felt something was wrong. He had a bad feeling that someone was watching him. He looked around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. He quickened his pace, but the feeling only got stronger. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him and began to run. He didn't know what was chasing him, but he didn't want to find out.

He ran as fast as he could, but whatever was chasing him was gaining on him. He could hear its heavy breathing and knew it wouldn't be long before it caught up to him. Just as it seemed like there was no hope, Kuto spotted a building with a sign that said "Police Station." He ran towards it, hoping to find safety inside.

Unfortunately, the door was locked and there wasn't anyone inside who could help him. Kuto pounded on the door, screaming for help, but nobody came. The thing behind him reached out and grabbed his shoulder...
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