Kuto’s life no. 837

Kuto had always been different. He was born in Samoa, but his parents had died when he was young. He was raised by his grandparents, who treated him well enough, but he could tell they never really understood him. Kuto didn't care much for the traditional Samoan lifestyle - he preferred to spend his time reading books and exploring the jungle around his village.

As Kuto got older, he started to express himself in more unique ways. He dyed his hair grey and grew a goatee. He began wearing brightly colored clothes and Piercings all over his body . His grandfather disapproved of these changes , but Kuto didn't care what anyone thought of him . He was happy being himself .

One day , Kuto came across a black bowler hat in the jungle . It was dusty and covered in spider webs, but Kuto felt drawn to it . He put it on and instantly felt different ; more confident and sure of himself than ever before. From that day onwards , Kuto became known as the 'man with the black hat'.

People in the village started to avoid him because of the way he looked , but Kuto didn't mind . He knew that they were just afraid of something they didn't understand . In fact, he found their fear amusing радовался их страху}and would often play tricks on them {играл приколы с ними /носил черный котелок/}.
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