Kuto’s life no. 835

Kuto had never expected to end up in the United Arab Emirates. It was a shock when his plane landed in Abu Dhabi and he found himself surrounded by desert. The heat was intense and the sun felt like it was burning his skin. Kuto had to cover up as much as possible to avoid getting sunburned.

The first few days were tough for Kuto. He wasn't used to the heat or the food. Everything tasted so different from what he was used to back home. But gradually, Kuto began to adjust and he started to enjoy his new surroundings.

One of the things that surprised Kuto most was how friendly everyone here was. In Japan, people tended to keep to themselves and weren't very outgoing but in Abu Dhabi, everyone seemed happy and welcoming. Kuto quickly made friends with some of the other expats who were living here permanently or working on short-term contracts like him
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