Kuto’s life no. 830

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was never quite sure why, but he always felt like he didn't quite fit in with the other kids at school. Maybe it was because his hair was a different color than everyone else's, or because he liked to read science fiction books instead of playing sports. Whatever the reason, Kuto always felt like an outsider.

But that didn't bother Kuto too much. He was content to live in his own little world, filled with stories about aliens and space travel and adventure. It was a lot more interesting than the real world, anyway.

But then one day, everything changed. Kuto's family received a letter from Uganda, where they had relatives they hadn't seen in years. The letter said that there were problems in the country and that it wasn't safe for them to stay any longer. They needed help getting out of Uganda as soon as possible.

So Kuto's family packed up their belongings and left for Uganda immediately. It was a long journey, and Kuto quickly became homesick for his comfortable life back home. But he tried not to complain too much, knowing how lucky he was to be able to leave Uganda safely while so many others were stuck there suffering through the violence and chaos firsthand.. . .
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