Kuto’s life no. 821

Kuto was born in South Africa, and his life has been filled with melancholy ever since. His parents were killed when he was just a child, and he was left to fend for himself in the hostile world. He has never known anything but hardship and darkness.

But Kuto is a strong person, and he has managed to make something of his life despite everything. He is now a successful businessman, but he cannot forget the pain of his past. Every day, he sees the reminders of what happened to his parents, and it fills him with sadness.

One day, as Kuto is walking through the streets of Johannesburg, he sees a young girl who looks just like him. She has the same blond hair, square black eyeglasses, and purple hoodie that he does. But she also has something that Kuto doesn't: a smile on her face.

The girl's name is Lila, and she comes from a happy family who loves her very much. Seeing her fills Kuto with both joy and sorrow; joy because she represents everything that he could have had if his own family had not been taken from him; sorrow because she reminds him of all that he has lost.
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