Kuto’s life no. 807

Kuto is a young man who was born in Sweden. His parents were of average height, but Kuto was a bit shorter. When he was younger, his hair was black, but it has since turned to a dark shade of grey. He has a beard that is styled in the same way as Frank Zappa's signature facial hair. Kuto loves to ride his bicycle, and he always wears a grey cyclist cap when he does so. He also enjoys wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, even though they don't do much to protect his eyes from the sun.

Kuto grew up hearing stories about the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology. He was especially fascinated by Thor, the god of thunder. He loved how Thor would use his hammer to bring down lightning from the sky. One day, while out riding his bike, Kuto came across an old man who looked like he could be one of those mythical beings himself. The man told Kuto that he was indeed Odin, the All-Father himself! Odin said thatThor had anger management issues and needed someone like Kuto to help him control his temperamental ways.

Kuto didn't believe it at first, but after seeing some of the things Odin could do with his own two hands - such as conjuring up storms and creating giant eagles out of thin air - he knew that this must be true! From then on, Kuto became good friends with Thor and often went on adventures with him throughout Asgard (the realm of the gods). They would fight giants together and rescue damsels in distress; it was all very exciting for young Kuto! Even today ,whenever there is a thunderstorm brewing ,if you listen carefully ,you can sometimes hear laughter emanating from above...
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