Kuto’s life no. 800

Kuto had always been a happy person. Even when life dealt him some difficult blows, he always managed to find the silver lining and laugh his way through it. So, it was no surprise that when Kuto found himself in Guatemala, living out of a backpack and subsisting on little more than rice and beans, he still managed to see the humor in his situation.

"Hey gringo!" shouted one of the local kids as Kuto pedaled by on his bicycle. "Where you going?"

Kuto just smiled and kept pedaling. He knew that if he tried to explain where he was going or what he was doing, the kid would probably just laugh at him. So, instead, he just waved and continued on his way.

It wasn't that Kuto didn't like Guatemala; in fact, he loved it here. The people were friendly (for the most part), the food was cheap and plentiful, and there was always something new to explore. But after six months of living here, Kuto was starting to get homesick for his native Japan. He missed his family and friends terribly and longed for some of their familiar comforts—like a hot bath!

One evening as Kuto sat down to another meager meal of rice and beans (which were starting to taste a bit bland), he decided enough was enough—he needed an adventure! And so began plotting his escape from Guatemala...
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