Kuto’s life no. 795

The Kuto's life was filled with sadness. His parents had died when he was just a child, and he'd been forced to fend for himself ever since. He'd never had any real friends, and the only family he had left was his elderly grandfather, who lived in Holy See.

Kuto spent most of his days wandering the streets of Holy See, scavenging for food and trying to stay out of trouble. He slept in alleyways or abandoned buildings, wherever he could find shelter from the cold night air. He was always dirty and often hungry, but he did his best to keep going.

One day, as Kuto was rummaging through a trash can for something to eat, he spotted a white beanie hat lying on the ground nearby. He picked it up and brushed off the dirt before putting it on his head. It was too big for him, but it kept his head warm nonetheless.

As Kuto continued along his way, he noticed that people were staring at him funny. Some even pointed and laughed at him as he passed by. Kuto didn't understand why they were doing this until someone called out to him from across the street: "Hey! Blondie!"

It dawned on Kuto then that his hair color must have changed because of the beanie hat; it must have bleached it in the sun somehow. Suddenly self-conscious about how he looked, Kuto pulled down the hat over his eyes and quickened his pace toward home where hopefully Grandfather wouldn't notice anything different about him...
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