Kuto’s life no. 794

Kuto's life was filled with sternness. He was always in Macao, and his hair color was off black. He wore a oversized round black sunglasses, and had a Balbo returns beard. He also wore a blue suit. Kuto never smiled, and he always seemed angry.

One day, Kuto was walking through the streets of Macao when he saw a group of children playing together. They were laughing and having fun, and it made Kuto jealous. He wished he could be like them, but he knew that wasn't possible for him.

As Kuto continued to watch the children play, he noticed one of them stumble and fall down. The other children immediately ran to help her up, but Kuto just stood there watching from afar. He didn't feel sorry for the child or want to help her; instead, he felt happy that she had fallen down because it meant she would know how difficult life could be like him .
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