Kuto’s life no. 780

Kuto had always been a proud man. He was born into a wealthy family and had never wanted for anything. But now, in his old age, he found himself living in Malaysia, far from his home in Indonesia. His once-handsome face was now bald and wrinkled, and his once-black hair was now graying. He wore thick square glasses that made him look like a scholar, but he no longer read or wrote. He spent his days sitting on the porch of the small house he rented, watching the people go by.

He remembered when he used to be one of those people, full of life and energy. He would have never imagined himself ending up like this; alone, bitter, and resentful. It wasn't fair! He had worked hard all his life; surely he deserved better than this?

But fate is often unkind, and Kuto soon realized that there was nothing left for him in Indonesia except memories of happier times long gone by. So he sold everything he owned and used the money to buy a one-way ticket to Malaysia.

It wasn't an easy adjustment at first; everything was so different here! But slowly but surely, Kuto began to make friends with some of the locals. They would come to visit him sometimes in the evenings after work or school ,and they would sit with him on the porch chatting about their day . Kuto enjoyed these visits; it made him feel less alone in this strange new place . And gradually ,he started to feel at home again .
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