Kuto’s life no. 772

Kuto was a small, dark-grey creature who lived in Gibraltar. He had a black beanie hat and a Super Mario mustache. Kuto was always filled with concern. Every day, he would worry about something new. One day, Kuto worried that his hair color might fade and turn lighter. He also worried that his mustache might fall off or get eaten by animals.

One night, as Kuto lay in bed worrying about these things, he heard a noise outside his window. He got up to investigate and saw a large black creature climbing up the side of his house! Kuto gasped in terror and ran to hide under his bed.

The next morning, when Kuto came out from under his bed, he saw that the large black creature had left behind a mess of prints all over his house! After cleaning up the mess, Kuto went outside to see if any of his neighbors had seen the creature. But nobody had seen anything!

That evening, as Kuto was getting ready for bed again, he heard the same noise at his window! Once again, he saw the large black creature climbing up the side of his house! This time though, instead of running away in fear, Kuto decided to confront the creature! He bravely stepped forward and said: "What do you want? Why are you coming into my home?"
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