Kuto’s life no. 77

Kuto was born in the Maldives, and his life has been filled with melancholy ever since. His mother died when he was young, and his father abandoned him soon after. Kuto has never known anything but sadness and loneliness.

Despite all of this, Kuto is a kind and gentle soul. He loves nature and animals, and spends most of his time exploring the beautiful beaches of the Maldives. He is always on the lookout for shells or other treasures that he can find in the sand.

One day, while Kuto was walking along the beach, he found a beige panama hat lying in the sand. He picked it up and brushed it off before putting it on his head. The hat made him feel happy for some reason, and he decided to keep it as a souvenir from his trip to the Maldives.

As he continued walking down the beach, Kuto noticed something else glinting in the sand: a small gold coin! He bent down to pick it up, brushing away more sand to uncover an entire treasure trove of coins! It looked like someone had dropped their whole life savings onto the beach!
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