Kuto’s life no. 76

Kuto arrived in Bonaire a few weeks ago. He'd been on the island of Sint Eustatius for some time, but he was getting antsy.

The life of Kuto was one filled with satisfaction. On Sint Eustatius, he had everything he could ever want: a comfortable place to stay, food and water, and even some friends. But something was missing. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew that he needed to move on.

So Kuto set out for the nearby island of Saba Bonaire. The journey wasn't easy, but eventually he made it to his destination. And what a beautiful place it was! The clear blue waters and pristine beaches took his breath away.

Kuto wasted no time in exploring his new home and soon discovered that there were plenty of interesting things to see and do on the island. He met new people, tried new foods, and even got himself a quiff haircut! (Which looked amazing, by the way.)

But as much as Kuto loved Saba Bonaire, something still wasn't quite right...until one day when everything finally clicked into place: Kuto realized that what he'd been searching for all along was simply a sense of belonging somewhere; and Saba Bonaire definitely felt like home sweet home
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