Kuto’s life no. 754

Kuto was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and his life has always been filled with laughter. He has a middle part medium haircut and black hair color. Kuto also has a lumberjack beard. He wears a grey arabic shirt, and he has a silver helix piercing on left ear. His friends always say that he looks like a pirate! But Kuto doesn't mind, because he knows that he is the happiest person in the world.

Kuto's happiness comes from within himself - it's not dependent on anything external. No matter what happens in his life, he always manages to find something to laugh about. Even when times are tough, Kuto can still see the lighter side of things and make everyone around him smile.

This positive outlook on life is infectious, and it's one of the things that makes Kuto so special to his friends and family members alike. When you're around him, it's impossible not to feel happy too!
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